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✿ Policies ✿

Processing Times

For In Stock items, 1-2 weeks
For Custom Orders, 4-5 weeks
For PREORDERS, please check the item's listing, or our Updates Page for estimated manufacturing times. 

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped with tracking. We will not be responsible for any items lost/damaged during shipping. That said, if you have any problems with your order, please reach out to us via our Contact page and we can try to help find a solution! 

We only ship to the USA and Canada through our BigCartel store. If you are interested in purchasing from somewhere else, please visit our Etsy store and purchase from there.  


Refund Policy

All sales are final once shipped. We cannot be held responsible for any items lost or damaged during shipping. We also manually check all orders before sending them out so missing/defective items being sent is rare. That being said, if there is anything wrong with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will try to find a solution. 

Cancellations are allowed within 24 hours as long as your order hasn't shipped  

Grading Policy

We grade our pins on a batch by batch basis, and we have no definitive standard like A grade, B grade, etc. Instead, we grade as follows: 

Standard Grade: These pins will be the best of the batch. Generally, we aim for these pins to have little to no flaws immediately noticeable in normal lighting, but sometimes flaw rates may be higher. If this is the case, it will be noted in the pin's listing description. That being said, enamel pins are handmade, so small flaws should be expected. Some very small flaws you may notice in our standard grade pins include: 

  • light, minor scuffs or scratches when viewed in harsh light
  • small dust particles trapped in the  enamel (this may be more
  • noticeable in lighter colored enamel) 
  • minor overfill/underfill of enamel
  • small stains in the enamel
  • minor flaws in the plating on the sides/backs of the pins


Seconds/Flawed Grade: These pins may have more flaws than Standard grade, but generally it probably won't take away from the overall beauty of the pin. These pins may have a higher quantity of flaws than our standards, and they may be more noticeable. For example:

  • noticeably under/overfilled enamel
  • dust in enamel
  • small oxidization of the metal
  • noticeable stains, scuffs, or scratches visible in normal light
  • minor flaws in plating, including possibly on the front of the pin 

Other than pins, the rest of our merch follows a similar grading. Standard will be the best quality in the batch, with Seconds generally having more flaws than Standard.